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Vine announces the launch of its Windows Phone application


One of the things that can still be thrown in the face of the Windows Phone mobile platform is that it still does not have the sufficient ecosystem of applications that allow users to get the most out of their terminals, although as time passes, they go Coming out new applications that go in that direction, in equating the benefit of the terminals in relation to the Android and iOS mobile platforms.

Well, Windows Phone users are already in luck, at least if they wanted to have Vine on their terminals, since Vine’s own official blog announces its launch for this platform, so that users can already press and hold your terminal screens to take short video shots of up to six seconds in length. The same statement indicates that the application maintains a series of tools to make the frames of the shots as best as possible, and also allows video shots to be taken with the front camera.

It also highlights the possibility that users can set their Vine accounts on the main screen of their terminals as something unique on this platform, and like on the other mobile platforms where it is present, they can see popular publications, navigate between channels, or see the highlights, and on a social level, see which of the contacts themselves are available within the platform itself through its people search tool.

The application is not yet available through the market Windows Phone, so there is no other way to stay tuned for its appearance (apparently available today).