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Vibin, attractive way to save what we like on mobile phones


Available for Android, with iPhone on the way, Vibin is presented as a new application that allows us to store and classify in an attractive way everything we like: restaurants, books, games, places, etc.

It has a card-based system, so that each record is clearly visible, and it is possible to share the cards and categories with other people. We can also see what they are sharing around us, as well as save the content of our social networks to facilitate their quick access.

It is not about saving links, since it is not exactly an application of social bookmarks, and it is about saving concepts, photos, meals … things that we want to always have close to define our tastes within the mobile.

The application is visually appealing, although they will surely need something else to become a success. You have to find something that motivates users to register their preferences on the mobile (get recommendations for other products, discounts, events …) since registering for registering is something less and less common on the social web.

You can find the installation links inside