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Viber launches international calling service, cheaper than Skype


Viber out It is already available on, a new service that allows calls to anywhere in the world with fairly cheap prices, even more than Skype, as you can see in the table above released a few minutes ago on TNW.

As with Skype, from Viber to Viber the service is free. We can use the Viber Out search engine to know the price of the minute when making calls to a specific country, being available as an Android, iPhone and desktop application (they are already working on the version for Windows Phone).

That is, we only have to install the Android, desktop or iPhone application, from Viber, buy credit from (or from within the mobile application) and call any phone in the world using WiFi or data network.

He recently launched paid stickers on his messaging system, just like LINE does, although it is clear that the business that can be done with VoIP calls is much more lucrative.

One of the best messaging apps with one of the best prices for making international calls, it seems that 2014 will be a great year for Viber.