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Viber comes to Linux


Viber (, the well-known communication system via VoIp, announces its version for desktop 4.0, where the biggest news is its compatibility with linux, an operating system that is generally forgotten by this type of solutions (since Microsoft bought Skype, You haven’t updated your Linux version practically at all).

Viber 4.0 includes the stickers buying and selling system (LINE-style stickers), allows you to drag and drop photos to share them with other people and offers the possibility of sending messages in video format. This version will be available soon on their home page, they have already announced the news on their Twitter account.

In TNW they comment that the version for BlackBerry has also suffered alterations, integrating more with Twitter and allowing to send several emoticons at the same time.

It seems that Viber does not want to be left behind and continues to show the world that it is a perfect alternative for both video and voice communication and instant messaging for mobile phones. Remember that recently we announced the possibility of leaving a conversation on your mobile phone and following it on your PC without losing your connection, something that until now no other system allows.

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