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VenAki, new mobile application to locate and be located


We are introduced Come here (, a new project that, available for iPhone and Android, allows us to share our location in an extremely simple way, as well as save favorite sites, detect when our contacts are close or contact a predefined group of users.

The objective is to help us in crowded places such as tourist visits to big cities, sporting events, concerts or shopping centers, since we can always have under control the exact location of each member of a group that we have previously configured.

We can activate the proximity alert system with the contacts we want, contacts who can also enjoy a chat created to help further find the groups that want to be located from the application.

VenAki’s avatar can also be customized, since it includes an application in which it is possible to select components in the style of video game console

It is available for free in Spanish, English, Chinese and Japanese, and comes accompanied by this video that highlights its main features:

Applications that use the gps to locate devices are not new, Google and Apple have their own official apps for that purpose, although finding a practical way to use that functionality to stay with others without having to have more digital culture than is strictly necessary is something necessary, and VenAki seems to have found the right recipe.