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Consumers usually buy products with more or less economic effort, to have a series of items that can be enjoyed for as long as possible. But sometimes things are not as we wish and there may be certain circumstances for which we can no longer enjoy these items, whether due to natural disasters, various accidents such as fires or floods due to pipe breaks, or even theft. But the problem increases when dealing with insurers and with the police to demonstrate the loss of such items.

It is what has happened to Jacob on more than one occasion that has led him to create this service, which he now presents to us. Is about, which allows us to make an inventory of those important items that we have in our homes, and whose number of elements that we can add depend on the pricing plan chosen at the time of registration, the first of which is free and limited to 10 elements, although we can always choose one of the payment plans.

In this way, when adding an item, we can indicate the model, serial number, cost, means of payment, etc. Once entered we can add various photographs. Once we have all the elements added, if unfortunately some of the circumstances mentioned above appear throughout our lives, we can select those affected or stolen elements to generate a report that we will deliver to the police or the insurer.