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VacationRelation – Organize your group vacations from Facebook

VacationRelation - Organize your group vacations from Facebook

Today VacationRelation is launched, a website that allows us to organize a group vacation by connecting to our Facebook account.

The website was inspired by his failed attempt to find people to communicate and socialize with during a family cruise. Of course I added people I met to my Facebook account after the trip, but there were many social opportunities that I missed from the beginning or even the entire trip.

The trips consist of a specific destination and period of time, which offer the right framework to socialize with other travelers. The web transforms virtual conversations of users based on common interests – into real conversations before their trip. Even if people are not willing to get to know each other, the service offers the possibility to plan vacations around social aspects.

It can be anything from finding hotels that fit your age group, finding great surf spots, sharing a taxi, or asking for any other type of suggestion.

Unlike conventional travel communities, the service focuses on connecting travelers through the use of their existing social media accounts such as Facebook.

By connecting through Facebook, the service promotes exploration through social demographics and ensures that all your communications are carried out using your existing network platform. Finally, the website automatically invites all travelers to a secret Facebook event for further discussion.

Vacation Relation has secured global partnerships with some of the most progressive cities including Oslo, Innsbruck, Athens, and Atlantic City. In addition, it has also partnered with