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uWhisp, social network to share audio recordings


We have been talking about uWhisp for a long time, a social network that facilitated the publication of files and audio recordings in which we can listen to messages that others published through a URL, and in which we can record audio messages through the extension for Google Chrome. We also mentioned that uWhisp received the World Technology Award in the Marketing Communications category at the end of 2012, from the World Technology Network.

uWhisp continues with its social network and it now comes to Android, with a renewed design and a different concept, although with the same objective. With uWhisp for Android we will be able to share our audio recordings on Twitter and Facebook, listen to the most relevant audios every day, be it press news, sports, humor or any subject that interests us, record our own voice messages to publish and create a radio personalized so that audios of relevance to us automatically reach us. In the same way, we can follow other users who publish audios of our interest and also allow other users to visit our content, interacting with them.

We leave you here the link to the Google Play store so that you can download uWhisp for free for Android. In addition, we remember that it is also available for iOS, a version that you can download from this link on the AppStore.