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User habits and privacy on Facebook [Infografí­a]

facebook infografia usuarios privacidad

Privacy on Facebook has been a controversial topic since the social network was created until today. Of course, many users are overly concerned with the privacy settings of their profiles and are aware of frequent changes to adapt and continue to keep their profile protected, but many more ignore the recommendations. or they simply know little about it.

Well, in NextAdvisor they have carried out a small study on the habits of users in terms of privacy on Facebook, and the results have put them in a simple infographic. What they have achieved is to evaluate some items within the profiles to know where the greatest vulnerabilities are, but they have also included basic tips to avoid falling into these errors.

It is worth noting the large amount of information that people publish and make available to all users without much care, for example, the addresses in their profiles and the geolocation options that record their location at any time. Likewise, the large percentage of users who do not attend to the permissions required by third-party applications and games stands out, putting all their privacy at risk. Anyway, here is the infographic: