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It is usually normal that sooner or later we encounter different problems in our lives, of which there will be problems that we can solve on other occasions and problems that will need to be solved immediately. And since not all of us have the knowledge in all possible subjects, we will have no choice but to go to specialized professionals, with the question of knowing if we have some close to us who can come in the shortest possible time. is a platform that, based on geolocation, as professionals we can show our skills and our contact details, in order to be easily located, and as applicants for help, we can search for professionals to solve our problems. as soon as possible, in any case, in the area of ​​our areas.

In this way, if a pipe breaks in our houses, we can find the nearest plumbers. And if we are technicians in computer repair, we can earn a living by repairing computers of people close to us. And not only does it have the potential to obtain clients, it could also allow us to meet people with abilities similar to ours in our environment, and therefore, be hired by others who need our services. has both a web version and mobile applications, both on iOS and recently also for Android terminals. Mobile applications give us more advantages, so if, for example, you leave your car lying around, we can locate nearby technicians to fix the fault.

Like everything, for this service to be useful, it is necessary for users to register and participate. It becomes a kind of digital yellow guide for our emergencies. The bad thing for now is that it does not support the format of the number of the Spanish phone numbers.

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