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(Updated) Thousands of Twitter accounts have been hacked to post Nazi messages

(Updated) Thousands of Twitter accounts have been hacked to post Nazi messages

(Updated) Thousands of Twitter accounts have been hacked to post Nazi messages

Under the hashtag #Nazialmanya thousands of Twitter accounts have started tweeting Nazi messages after being hacked in the past few hours.

Dozens of Twitter accounts have been hacked into posting Nazi apologetic messages without their owners’ permission this morning. The hack, which has occurred on both verified and unverified accounts, has affected media such as La Razn, Forbes, the German newspaper Die Welt, BBC North America and Reuters Japan. Accounts such as those of the European Parliament, French politicians like Alain Jupp, the CEO of Sprint and journalists like journalists like Miguel Morenatti have also been compromised.The message, which by now has disappeared from most timelines was the following:

It included a Nazi vastic and the attack was described as a little ottoman slap. They also include the message see you on april 16 in clear reference to the day that Turkey is going to hold a referendum that could give Erdogan more powers. And it ends with a What have I written? Learn Turkish. The messages also include a four-minute video with a speech by Turkish President Erdogan in which he says If we are going to die then let us die like men.

In some cases the cover image has also been changed for the Turkish flag as the profile image for the symbol of the Ottoman Empire.

Who is to blame for the Nazi Twitter hack?

It is not yet clear what has happened or who is to blame, but The first investigations indicate that the hacking occurred from a Twitter application to which all these accounts would have given permission to post messages.. It is not the first time that something like this has happened, there have been cases in which advertising was published, but the first time on such a large scale and with such a provocative message.

Update: Twitter has just confirmed that the hack occurred due to a third-party application and has assured that its permissions have already been revoked: We are aware of the problems that have affected a large number of accounts this morning.Kaori Saito, a company spokesperson, said, We quickly found that the source of the problems was a third-party application, and we have withdrawn all permissions immediately. No account will be affected.