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Uni Messenger comes to Android

Uni Messenger

As we had mentioned months ago, Uni Messenger has just launched its first mobile application on the Android platform, although in order for us to have it on our terminals, we will have to install it manually with the .APK that we will initially download from its official site. At the moment, it is not available on Google Play.

The idea behind this application, as its name lets us intuit, is that of the unification of communications from different platforms through the same application. In fact, the same application is considered the first for communication through social networks, and in a first round of network support it supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo.

We can talk to our contacts on different social networks, as well as participate in different chat groups. In addition, we can make use of the multimedia support for the inclusion of texts, images, voices and location in the messages, and also, we will be warned of possible spam that reaches our inboxes.

Users of the iOS platform will soon have their corresponding version for iPhone, since as indicated in the email bulletin, it is under review.

With all this, we only have to install the Uni Messenger application and identify ourselves on those social networks in which we want to interact with our contacts through the same application, which avoids having to use different applications to have conversations in the different social networks in which we have user accounts.

If we want to know more about the news of Uni Messenger, we can subscribe to their newsletter or follow their accounts on both Facebook and Twitter. At the moment, no further information is provided about the Android application itself.