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Unchecky, to avoid additional installations when we install software


Often the process of installing a program is more a fight against the installation of additional programs than an installation of the definitive software itself, usually being processes that we do not want and that are disguised as check in one of the boxes automatically marked in the installation process. As a consequence, the time we waste after deleting unwanted downloads like search engines, additional bars, strange home pages or browsers is considerable.

There is a way to avoid this, it is called Unchecky and it is a software that prevents installations default that most programs offer us. What Unchecky will do exactly is insert a modified option in the installation process of our tools, selecting by default the advanced installation and removing the x from the options that intend to install unwanted software.

Simple and easy process and, although it is not worth installing if we are not seen users of a PC and do occasional installations, it can make a difference if we download programs often: the result will be noticed when maintaining our computer and browser clean of additional programs and potentially unwanted search bars.

The program is free, and in case we want to lend a hand in development, we can choose to make a donation.