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Ufeed, a mobile application that helps the hungry in the world


[…] An APP to donate small pleasures that you can do without.

This is how we are presented Ufeed (, a mobile application that allows its users to say NO to some expendable cravings (a chocolate in a shopping center, an ice cream on the street and other foods that we usually eat without being hungry) and make the donation of its value to international NGOs that are responsible for solving problems that affect millions of hungry children on our planet.

To make donations we have to carry out four steps:

1 – Select the icon of the food or drink that we will not take.

2 – Consult the map and choose the NGO to receive the donation, as well as the area of ​​the world that we are supporting.

3 – Report the price of what we are not consuming, that is the amount we are going to donate.

4 – Share the action on social networks (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter) so that Ufeed donates a plate of rice to the chosen NGO.

You can see a video presentation on its main page, subtitled in Spanish, as well as consult information related to the transparency with which the operations are carried out, which can be consulted whenever necessary.

The launch was last Thursday and has been so well received that they have already been contacted by the World Food Program, so it seems like we will be hearing about Ufeed for a long time.