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Ubuntu Phone will be able to run Android apps thanks to a community project

Ubuntu Phone will be able to run Android apps thanks to a community project

Ubuntu Phone will be able to run Android apps thanks to a community project

Thanks to an enthusiastic developer, in the future we may be able to run Android apps on Ubuntu Phone.

Canonical’s project is in a very complicated moment; We will not say that it is a dead system, but it approaches it. The development of new functionalities has stopped and the stable branch only receive security updates; Meanwhile, work is concentrated on the desktop version.

Ubuntu late discovers the importance of apps

In perspective, we can see some of the mistakes made, but at this point it may not be of much use; for example now we know the great importance of apps. Who knows what would have happened if Ubuntu Phone had apps like WhatsApp, right?

That dream may soon come true.Marius Grispgrd, the developer behind theUBports project he intends to bring the Ubuntu Touch interface to more devices, Had an idea; a trick, a way to trick the system into running Android apps on Ubuntu Phone.

The project starts Desfdroid, a compatibility layer initially devised for Sailfish OS; if you remember, the Jolla system offered compatibility with Android apps despite being based on its own version of Linux.

How to run Android apps on Ubuntu Phone

Taking advantage of the fact that sfdroid is open source, Grispgrd is using it to Ubuntu can run Android apps; however, that is not as simple as adapting the code.

For starters, you have to get the Android graphics server to run inside a Mir window, the Ubuntu Phone graphics server. In short, it is complicated. And it’s also the reason it’s not available yet, though the compatibility layer already is.

However, Grispgrd seems willing to complete the project, denying that it is a stupid idea; yes Ubuntu Phone users can use millions of new apps overnightIt would have been worth it.

Of course, from there to reviving the system there is a stretch; Taking away the fact that it is not an official project, it is unlikely that it will attract users that it has not been able to attract so far. But for current users it may be a good reason to continue with Ubuntu.