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Ubuntu Budgie, the new official Ubuntu distro

Ubuntu Budgie, the new official Ubuntu distro

Ubuntu Budgie, the new official Ubuntu distro

Today we welcome a new official Ubuntu based distro. It’s called Ubuntu Budgie and you should keep it in mind.

The good thing about free software is that anyone can take the code from a distro and create their own. On the Internet there are countless distros based on Ubuntu, for example.

But also, there are the so-called official flavors. These Ubuntu versions have their advantages that facilitate their development and distribution; for example, they can offer the distro on the central Ubuntu server, and have access to the official Canonical tools.

The Ubuntu family grows again

The last time a distro went official was last year with Ubuntu MATE, and now another one has joined the family. Ubuntu Budgie is the new official Ubuntu distro; And like Ubuntu MATE, it also uses a desktop environment that has suddenly become popular.

Budgie is a desktop environment based on veteran Gnome. Initially it was born as part of the Solus OS distro, which is not based on any other distro but is directly part of the GNU / Linux source code.

We are at a desk modern but at the same time light and usableThat’s why it attracted a lot of community gazes, but the downside is that many people don’t want to make the leap of installing an original distro just to use a different desktop.

Ubuntu Budgie is born so you can use a new desktop more easily

This is how Ubuntu Budgie is born; It is the same Budgie desktop used in Solus, but with the Ubuntu base. This distro will use the same packages as Ubuntu and will have the same quality level as the rest of the official distros.

Even if you use an Ubuntu distro with another desktop, you can install Budgie desktop easily and change from one to another.

Ubuntu 17.04, which will be released in April 2017, will be the first release to officially include Ubuntu Budgie. Until then, you can test and install Ubuntu Budgie versions 16.10 and 16.04 released so far.