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Ubuntu 17.04 now available, the beginning of the end of an era

Ubuntu 17.04 now available, the beginning of the end of an era

Ubuntu 17.04 now available, the beginning of the end of an era

With the release of Ubuntu 17.04, the most famous Linux distro begins to say goodbye to a little controversy.

As you may already know, Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, announced that it was going to abandon the development of its main project, the new Unity 8 environment. This cold water jug ​​does not mean the end of the distro, but it is a change in your address.

What’s new in Ubuntu 17.04

It won’t be until a year from now when we see the consequences of the changes in Canonical; Until then, two versions of Ubuntu will be released to close this era. The first has been released today, it is Ubuntu 17.04, and the truth is that it does not have much to tell.

Unity desktop

Ubuntu 17.04 still uses the Unity 7 desktop by default; even if we can use an experimental version of Unity 8 if we want.

Considering Unity 7 development has been idle for a long time now, we only find patches for bugs. For example, compatibility with high pixel density monitors has been improved; now it is able to detect and set the correct scale depending on our monitor.

Better printer support

As of 17.04, Ubuntu will not need a specific driver for each printer. Therefore we have More freedom to use multi-brand printers, even if they use systems like Apple Airprint.

Goodbye to the Swap partition

If you have ever installed Linux, you will know that traditionally it is necessary to create a partition dedicated to temporary files, called swap. With Ubuntu 17.04, it is no longer necessary because most computers have enough RAM.

Instead, the system create a swap file, which will take up less than 5% of the free space available on disk.

Linux 4.10 and better with AMD graphics

Ubuntu 17.04 has made the leap to the latest stable version of the Linux kernel. Thanks to that, Much improved compatibility with AMD graphics with the new AMDGPU driver. It is also recommended to use this kernel if you have a new AMD Ryzen or Intel Kaby Lake processor.

Upgrade to Gnome 3.24 and apps

Ubuntu 17.04 is updated to the latest version of Gnome, 3.24, released last March; therefore, most system libraries and applications now use the latest version possible. This is good news, considering that Ubuntu has traditionally lagged behind.

Also, the default apps like Firefox have been updated to the latest version.

New Wallpaper

Although if they hadn’t told us, we wouldn’t have noticed.

A version that only brings minor updates

Ubuntu 17.04 has the codename of Zesty Zapus (Zepus Pcaro); Zepus being a species of mice typical of North America. That is perhaps the most striking thing about this version of Ubuntu, which has reached the end of the alphabet; Ubuntu names consist of an adjective with an animal, both starting with the same letter. Although that is cheating, because the first version of Ubuntu was 12.04 Specify Pangolin the first version of Ubuntu was 4.10 (Warty Warthog), although the first one that followed the alphabetical order was 5.10 (Breezy Badger).

It is a trend that we have been suffering for a couple of years; It is very difficult to talk about what’s new every time a new version of Ubuntu comes out. But at least we had the consolation that work was being done on the innovative Unity 8.

Now not even that, both Ubuntu 17.04 and the next 17.10 are transitional versions, which will only bring minor updates; All work on Canonical is now focused on creating a version of the Gnome desktop adapted to Ubuntu.

It’s a shame that this interesting Ubuntu era is going to end in such an uninteresting way. But at the same time, this time serves to create expectation about the future of Ubuntu within exactly one year.

Remember that, in addition to Ubuntu, the different flavors have also been updated, with other desktop environments. Ubuntu Budgie stands out, for being the first official version of Ubuntu with the new Budgie environment.

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