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Uber to ask for a funeral could only have left Russia

Uber to ask for a funeral could only have left Russia

Uber to ask for a funeral could only have left Russia

A new app for funerals is causing a lot of controversy in Russia; is known like Uber for funerals, and it’s as morbid as it sounds.

The Uber revolution was born thanks to its ease of use; quickly and easily we can request a car to take us to the address we want. Easier impossible.

Since then many projects have been born that have tried to simplify other tasks in the same way; but none like Ume, an app whose launch is scheduled for two months from now, but which is already the protagonist in social networks.

An app for funerals that helps us in the most difficult times

Uber’s name for funerals does not fall short. With Ume we can configure and request a funeral, customizing it to our liking.

The funeral setup is simple; we just have to enter the personal details of the deceased, the religion that follows and the date on which he spied. Then the app will show us recommendations from cemeteries, religious people who lead the mourning, and the type of lipid; and all at the best price, of course.

Of course, if the man in question was not a religious person, we can always choose cremation and a simple ceremony.

You may think that all this is disrespectful to the deceased; In Russia, where the app was first launched, there are many people who believe this.

The controversy of an app that could have potential

It doesn’t help much that in Russian Ume means he’s dead, something that some have taken as a bad joke; So are the similarities to Uber, including the name. To say nothing of the official website, which seems to have been decorated by a black metal band.

But it is no less true that Ume greatly facilitates a process unknown to most. Normally these types of decisions have to be made at very difficult times for family and friends; Ume not only makes things easier for us, but also puts us in touch with an expert and send us all the necessary paperwork.

Does that justify an app for funerals? Maybe not. What it doesn’t justify at all is the name, however catchy and Uber-like it is.