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Uber Freight, freight trucks when you need it

mayo 23, 2020

Uber Freight It is the name of Uber's new project, the result of the purchase of a transport company and an autonomous truck project that has already been tested for months.

Although autonomous driving will not be present in Uber Freight from the beginning, we already know that Otto is the name of the truck that will carry the goods we want without the need for a driver present, as we can see in, a truck that already He traveled more than 150 km to bring beers within the United States, without the need for a driver constantly managing the address.

At the moment the project only opens in beta mode, with a form requesting the data of interested people, including truckers who want to be part of the concept, so it is clear that we will not have autonomous trucks from the first moment, and it is a philosophy similar to that of the classic Uber: a vehicle on the day and time we want, without complications.

There is still a long way to go until Uber Freight is available globally, since if cities are solving the question of whether or not Uber is legal, the laws that will have to be consulted to allow a system like Uber nationwide they will also be numerous. If Blablacar has already had problems in countries like Spain, Uber Freight will not have it easy, much less when they decide to put autonomous trucks on certain roads.