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Uber can now convert contact locations to destinations, and more


Uber, the well-known private transport service that connects users and drivers, today launches two new features on Wednesday: the location function and the integration of Snapchat filters.

The new location feature will allow users to go directly to contacts in their mobile phonebook to ask for their current static locations in order to make them travel destinations. This function is basically designed if you are going to have meetings with these contacts in different circumstances.To do this, the first thing to do is synchronize the address book with the Uber application and then go to the service and write the name of the desired contact in the Where? Field. Thereafter, the contact will receive a request that if accepted, the physical location of the contact will become the destination of the trip.

And in order to add fun throughout the journey, Uber now has custom Snapchat filters so users can take fun portraits while on the road. In this sense, users can choose between a series of custom filters or opt for the mysterious filter which can be used as a surprise. Those users who are also Snapchat users and are traveling on Uber will have a Snap card integrated in their feed available.

In this way, Uber becomes more useful and also fun to make the trips more enjoyable until you reach the places where you have stayed to have physical encounters with other people.