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Typify creates a personal page for us integrating social networks

If we are looking for an interesting way to create and present a personal page, we can consider Typify.

It is a web service that allows us to reflect on a single page all our personality and dynamics through the social networks in which we participate. This presents us with great advantages, since our page will be constantly updated (depending on our participation in social networks) without having to make any extra effort.

The process that Typify proposes is very simple, with several options to personalize the space that we are going to create. Following the same dynamics of any social network when we start an account, it allows us to upload a photograph, write a few lines to our biography and find a background for our cover.

Once we have completed all our personal data, we can connect the social networks we use, as well as other web platforms, as we see in the illustration:

An interesting detail is that the personal page that allows us to create Typify is optimized for any type of device. So we can share the link of our page with the assurance that all our contacts will be able to view it correctly.

If we want to test all these features, we will have to request an invitation by leaving our email on the Typify presentation page.