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Two-step verification on WhatsApp: what it is and why you should activate it

Two-step verification on WhatsApp: what it is and why you should activate it

Two-step verification on WhatsApp: what it is and why you should activate it

Two-step verification reaches WhatsApp for everyone, a security measure to help protect your account. We explain what it is and how to activate it.

With more than 1.2 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp has emerged as one of the most important and widespread communication applications of all time, with the responsibility that entails.

The security of the conversations and communications through WhatsApp is vital and therefore any extra measures they add to protect our accounts is always welcome. The last one is two-step verification on WhatsAppWhat does it consist of?

What is WhatsApp two-step verification?

This function is not totally new in WhatsApp since it has been available for a few months in the beta version of the application, however, of the 1.2 billion users, the percentage that uses the beta is less. Thus, now WhatsApp begins to display the two-step verification for everyone.

WhatsApp two-step verification, as its name suggests, an extra verification that adds a more level of security to our account. So, having it activated, when someone tries to verify our phone number to log into WhatsApp, they will first ask for the confirmation of a six-digit code.

This code is personal and unique, since we create it ourselves.

How to activate the verification in two steps of WhatsApp?

Two-step verification of WhatsApp is available to everyone on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. To activate it, you must enter the WhatsApp application, access the Settings, enter the section Bill And there we will see the Verification option in two steps.


When pressing Activate we will only have to enter those six digits and that’s it. Also WhatsApp will ask us to let’s add an email addressThis email will serve to deactivate the verification in two steps if at any time we want to eliminate this extra security.

As reported in the WhatsApp help, it is important that the email address is valid, since otherwise you will not be able to log into WhatsApp. That yes, they have added a reminder function with which they will usually ask us for the code so that we refresh it in our memory.


This new feature is still rolling out for the 1.2 billion users, so it may not appear to you and will do so in the coming weeks.

The importance of two-step verification in all services

In general, verification or authentication in two steps is an additional security measure that we recommend activating in practically all your services. Thus, in case someone has access to our users and passwords, they should always enter one more code, which is temporary.

Thus, in services such as your Google account, cloud storage services, or social networks, they usually send us a unique code by SMS. Do you want to know how to activate it in all of them? Here we tell you: