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Two new free online courses in Spanish on Programming and Design


Two new proposals are added to our list of online and free courses that begin in November, which we shared a few days ago: Fundamentals of Programming and Fundamentals of Design.

Fundamentals of Programming is ideal for those users with no knowledge of Programming who wish to take a tour of its fundamental concepts, and according to the synopsis of the course until designing their first web application.

Fundamentals of Design proposes a very interesting dynamic, since it promises to analyze in 5 blocks all those essential concepts that a designer needs to combine in order to function successfully in his work.

Both courses are taught from Acmica, an educational platform that we have discussed in other articles, which focuses on offering courses in Spanish that allow us to develop skills that can be used to define a career or as a job opportunity.

The courses we have mentioned will begin on November 30, but we can already register by just registering on the platform through a form or with our Facebook account. Like the rest of the courses on the platform, we will have different resources to assimilate the content, our study panel, as well as the support of the instructor and other users through the forum.