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Two iOS apps to increase productivity


Writing notes and recording tasks are fairly common actions among smartphone users, which is why it is important to know all the options available in these categories in order to use the one that best suits our way of working.

In this sense, Mario Pedraza presents us with two quite interesting projects:


An alternative to existing to-do and list applications, an option that allows you to differentiate lists by color, mark the most important tasks, indicate those that have already been done, eliminate those that are not pending and protect the application so that nobody can see what we have what to do.

ICloud syncing and choosing two different themes is possible.


Good alternative to the notes application that comes by default on the iPhone, an application that does not allow us to effectively manage what we include.

In this case we have Noote, an app that allows you to create folders to organize your notes, add labels, customize colors and sizes, mark the most relevant ones, share them on social networks or by email, find them using a simple search engine and establish a distraction-free mode for focus on the text. The notes can be saved automatically, being possible at any time to see the date of their growth and delete the text by shaking the device.