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Two cool mobile task managers


Feeding a constantly growing category, we now leave you with two mobile applications that are born to help manage the tasks that we have pending in our day to day.

Designed for iOS and with a launch scheduled for 1 week, Taasky presents itself as a simple, elegant and simple task manager, with a modern design and a price of $ 0.99.

The lists can move from one place to another, the colors help us to identify the categories and priorities and the gestures are responsible for indicating their status, as you can see in this video:

It is a well-known system for managing tasks on Android and iOS, and now they announce a new version with notifications, integration of address book to share with those who are not users of the system and a function to archive completed tasks. In this way, it is possible to collaborate with other people using email or SMS, without having to install anything on their mobile phones.

The application is not as attractive as taasky, but it has more functions, it includes a web version to access the content, it classifies by labels, etc.

There is a great battle to see who gets done with the podium of this category, very disputed with solutions like todoist, and other kings of task management. Hopefully Taasky will appear in the Android world shortly, since otherwise he will be missing a great opportunity to get a good space in a universe that can be very lucrative.