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Two Android apps that want to help you quit smoking


For those who have decided to get rid of the harmful smoking habit, perhaps mobile applications can be their best allies to help them get rid of the habit. That is why we have chosen two of the most valued applications in the Google Play Store for those people with Android devices who have wanted to make the leap to improve their quality of life by eliminating tobacco from their lives.

On the one hand we have chosen Stop smoking helper, an app focused on continuous motivation to help them during the transition process. To do this, the application itself will not only offer relevant information in a clear and simple way, but will also make use of gamification through the availability of 40 achievements to overcome.

The application itself will allow the user to choose between gradually eliminating the habit of smoking or eliminating it immediately, so depending on the decision of the same, the application will guide him throughout the process, monitoring and reporting the impact that this habit is assuming both for your health and for your own economy.

With this, Stop smoking helper wants the user to be aware of what their smoking habit is supposed to be and everything they can earn as they reduce it until the moment when they do not light any more cigarettes. It is currently available free of charge, maintained with ads, for Android devices from version 4.2 onwards.

And on the other hand, we have Quit Smoking Assistant, an app focused on serving as a mobile diary in which to record the progress they make over time.

In addition, it will also offer a series of statistics where, among other things, it will inform of the benefits that the reduction of the habit is supplying both in terms of health, quality of life, as well as economic savings. In this aspect, the app allows the user to add a series of goals based on the savings of smoking cessation, such as saving enough money to buy sports shoes.

Quit Smoking Assistant has free features and Pro features, being available for Android devices from version 4.4 onwards. Obviously, in the Google Play Store, there are a few more applications for all those people who want to get rid of smoking and improve their quality of life, among other associated benefits.