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Twitter takes stock of 2013 with thematic chronological calendars


Being practically at the end of the year, it is little to take stock of what this year 2013 has meant, which has been marked by a series of world events that have been reflected on Twitter, and also, some events on Twitter have also had a worldwide reflection. This is how Twitter tells it in its own blog, giving some examples in both directions. All the events and other information that are published through Twitter in the end become millions of tweets generated per year, of which there are some that are the most outstanding for having been retweeted more times than none.

The one that receives the most retweets per year is what they call The Golden Tweet, and for this year 2013, the golden tweet is for Lea Michele for her tweet where she reported the death of her partner and co-star of the television series Glee Cory Monteith, which has been retweeted more than 408,000 times in 133 countries.

But there are two more posts, with the tweet from the Paul Walker staff who announced the death of the actor, generating 400,367 retweets around the world. And finally, the third position is taken by the tweet of Niall Horan, a member of the band One Direction, who celebrates having turned 20, leaving the decade behind.

But there is no point, since Twitter allows users to navigate through the most important moments, collected through, where they have personalized chronological lines of different categories and most important events for each of these categories. Be it the highlights of each month, high-profile events worldwide, events related to entertainment shows, sporting events, or even the best tweets selected by Twitter staff.

The announcement ends with heartfelt thanks to all Twitter users by allowing the 2013 event history to be available, hoping that users will continue to participate in the coming year.