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Twitter surprises on its first day as a public company with a growth of 73%


Twitter flies over the more optimistic forecasts expected of it on the first day of operations on the New York Stock Exchange, opening operations with a value per share of $ 45.10, representing a 73% increase over the price set yesterday, $ 26. Pop values ​​the microblogging network itself at about $ 31 billion in fully diluted stocks.

It is, therefore, a great surprise, especially considering that when Facebook went public, the initial euphoria has become a complete disappointment, which is why the forecasts for Twitter have been more conservative, although it should also be noted that the social media market today is more mature, where for example, LinkedIn is worth $ 24.82 billion, with a value per share of $ 220, while Facebook is worth $ 121 billion of dollars, the value of each action is 50 dollars.

It cannot be said that Twitter is still profitable, since despite increasing its income by 106% over the previous year, its net losses increased to $ 133.9 million, increasing 89%, according to TechCrunch.

So Twitter’s starting price (#TWTR) at $ 26 a share with a company value of $ 14.16 billion based on 545 million shares has been a somewhat conservative price for the euphoria that just lived on the New York Stock Exchange.