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Twitter reaches 500,000 job offers published in one month


We already intimated that Twitter had gradually become a powerful job search tool, and we read that confirmed in VB: it seems that Twitter gradually becomes a new LinkedIn, or at least in a competition, reaching the number of 500,000 offers of work published in a single month.

That translates to about fifteen new posts with new jobs posted on Twitter every minute, according to a study by the Gozaik company, a company that is dedicated to social recruitment. They confirm that the number of published offers has grown by 32% in the last six months, a quite impressive figure.

Given this volume of growth, the Gozaik co-founder claims that Twitter will be the official and dominant channel in terms of job posting and recruitment, with the positions of anesthesiologists and dentists specializing in orthodontics being the most published at the moment. According to the same Gozaik study, the volume of offers is likely to increase to 2,000,000 monthly posts.

For now it seems that this new trend to post jobs on Twitter reigns in cities such as New York, Houston, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas or Boston, that is, it is clear that it is a more widespread trend in the US than in the rest of the world . Will Twitter become the new LinkedIn? Will you use it to find a job?