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Twitter #Music now displayed on Rdio

twitter rdio

We saw this week as Twitter Music, the platform that manages to identify the most popular rhythms of this social network, integrated with Spotify in the form of an application, thus helping to listen to the complete themes of what is shown there.

When we access, which is already available in Spain, we see a list of groups, artists and songs that are being mentioned on Twitter, the idea is to discover emerging artists, making it possible to listen to a fragment of their work. If we have a Spotify or Rdio account, we can identify ourselves to access our application from said url, always with the idea of ​​being able to enjoy the complete topics of what is shown there.

This week we saw the application integrated in Spotify and it is now that they announce their integration with Rdio.

At we can see the most popular at the moment, with 15 lists showing different categories.

Contrary to Spotify, we have the option to browse the titles of the various lists, checking if the songs are available or not in our country (as with Netflix, the available themes may change from one region to another), although it is You must always identify yourself to listen to any of the music.

Now let’s hope they take the plunge with Deezer, another great protagonist of online music who seems to be apart from the tweet movement.