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Twitter #Music launches its own application for Spotify

Twitter #Music launches its own application for Spotify

We already know that Twitter has its own personalized music broadcast service. streaming under the name of Twitter #Music, thanks to the acquisition that they made months ago from We Are Hunted, and also, making use of multiple sources to obtain the musical themes. The fact is that We Are Hunted, according to Gizmodo, had to put its application for Spotify on hold, since they thought that Twitter wanted to also have its own application on this platform, thus avoiding confusion.

Well, Twitter has chosen this past Thursday afternoon to launch its own application for Spotify, offering all the complete music themes for free, as long as users use the desktop version of Spotify. In addition, through #nowplaying, it brings all the musical themes that the users that are being followed share within the microblogging network itself, as well as from other sources such as the blogs themselves, divided by the following categories: Superstars, Popular (Music featured on Twitter), Emerging (the best new emerging music), Unearthed (talent hidden behind tweets) and Hunted, the latter being destined to list popular music on blogs.

These categories can be converted into Spotify playlists with just one click, and can be transferred on the computer itself. Of course, if users do not like the songs included in the corresponding categories, they can always use the Twitter application for Spotify to listen to music songs by genres, from alternative music to rock.

Link: Twitter #Music for Spotify