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Twitter knows it has a bullying problem, but it only fixes it for celebrities

Twitter knows it has a bullying problem, but it only fixes it for celebrities

Twitter knows it has a bullying problem, but it only fixes it for celebrities

The new app against bullying on Twitter may be the solution you expected if you are persecuted on the social network if you have enough fame, of course.

The problem of bullying on social networks is very serious, but it does not have an easy solution. Let’s put the case of Twitter; Every day we see cases of people being insulted and attacked through the network, without doing much to prevent it.

Yes, we can block those who harass us, but that only works as a reactive measure, once they have already done damage. We can also report these users to Twitter, but in the unlikely event that they do something, the harasser just has to create another account.

Twitter Engage, talk only to who really wants to talk to you

Ultimately, Twitter has a bullying problem, and there was no warning that it will be fixed soon.

This is how Twitter Engage was born, a new app that basically offers us a safe space, in which we will receive only messages that can really help us connect with our followers.

Above all, Engage is an analytics app, which pleasantly expands the possibilities that we already have in the official app. Twitter will analyze our videos, GIFs, images and other activity on the social network, and help us check the performance of each new post we publish and to continue the conversation, that is, to speak with our true followers.

In this way, Engage will allow us to connect with our audience more directly, eliminating the noise of spam and harassment. It looks good, right? Except you can’t use Engage.

The anti-bullying app on Twitter is not for you

No, don’t ask for it anymore, you can’t use it. It’s just for popular creators, famous people on Twitter who deserve that help, don’t you. That you have problems with a stalker? Fill out the form and we’ll see what we can do, says Twitter, while recommending you follow those famous people who have access to Engage.

The launch of Engage (only for iOS and in the US, that is) shows that Twitter knows they have a problem with harassment and noise, that it is increasingly difficult to attract an audience online without people who just want to make you bitter the day.

But for Twitter it is more important that these popular creators do not leave the platform therefore, since they are the ones that attract users.