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Twitter is testing a new type of ad: To install apps directly


Sponsored tweets are getting more sophisticated. It is normal to see how our timeline is filled with images and videos, something unthinkable a few years ago, when only text was the law in this content network; Now we see how more complex, more interactive tweets appear, and sponsored ones are always the first to try these new formats.

They comment in TNW that tweets are starting to appear with links that will allow us to install mobile applications directly, pointing to the corresponding store with the text download on app store, as we see in the example shown in the image.

In this case it is a capture made from a mobile phone, a capture published by @mg showing a format never seen before on Twitter, nor reported on the official blog.

This type of content is usually part of tests that are carried out in specific areas, on a small group of users, verifying if the interest it arouses is adequate. Until the results of these tests are obtained, it will not be decided whether to implement it on a large scale or not, so it is possible that it will not come out of the world of tests.

Getting the user to do the minimum number of clicks to obtain a result is essential in any marketing action on the web, so advertising applications pointing directly to their source, without any intermediary article, can give very good results.