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Twitter expands its rules against hate speech


Twitter is updating its rules on behavior on the platform, specifically attitudes and posts that incite hatred.

Last year, he focused his attention on hate speech directed at religious groups and now addresses other categories.

Today, we are expanding this rule to include language that dehumanizes based on age, disability, or disease.

Tweets that have already been posted and are reported will be automatically deleted, although no action will be taken on the accounts. And of course, those users who do not respect these new rules will have to abstain from the measures established by the platform.

This new measure is Twitter's response to feedback from thousands of users who requested that it be more specific about the type of behavior that was not acceptable on the platform, taking into account different contexts and specific situations.

And as mentioned, more updates will be included in these rules that try to protect specific groups. A process that is not simple since it has to be approached from different perspectives and under the gaze of experts in different disciplines, as explained in a previous announcement.

These changes are not only for the user, Twitter has also focused its attention on the training received by the personnel in charge of reviewing reports of abuse. And of course, this is combined with the rest of the platform's resources to identify inappropriate content even before they are reported by users.