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Twitter eliminates the option that allowed users to receive direct messages from any other user


If we now go to the Twitter website and look in the configuration of our account for that option that they launched a month ago by which we can allow any Twitter user to send us direct messages even if they are not our follower, we will not find it, that is, they have eliminated it. This is acknowledged by the TNW publication, where it also indicates that the response Twitter is giving to the press is that it was simply experimenting with new characteristics, which may lead to the idea that it may launch experiments with new characteristics in the near future.

Twitter is justified in that they are continuously evolving the product itself, for which they are making changes, some of them being visible to the users themselves and others implemented in the system itself, under chap.

In addition, he added that some of several features have been tested with small groups of users in his community, with the idea of ​​offering the best possible experience to other users. What Twitter intends is to improve the experience it offers users without losing its simplicity, and that, in addition, all the experimental characteristics that have already been tested does not mean that all of them have to be finally available, accepting only those that they believe are convenient for improve said user experience. There was also no mention of the increase in tests with tests in the mobile field for Android and iOS applications.

Therefore, at this time, users can no longer allow any Twitter user to send us direct messages if they do not follow us before, therefore, there must be reciprocal follow-up between users so that we can send ourselves direct messages.

We will see if they finally incorporate this functionality again, or if they finally turn direct messages into a separate messaging application.