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Twitter closes deal with Deutsche Telekom to expand its international market


We read more news related to the international expansion of Twitter, this time on TC. And it is now that the great social network announces an official partnership with the German telephone company Deutsche Telekom, a company that, to date, controls 140 million mobile lines and 31 million fixed lines between Europe and the United States.

The reasons for the deal are basically based on carrying out our marketing strategies, ads and customer service that promote Twitter and, as a consequence, there is an increase in users of the social network. An example of executing this would be the fact that Deutsche Telekom will automatically include the Twitter client with direct access from the home page on its Android devices. The DT states that the deal will take place initially in Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, Greece and Croatia.

Perhaps this fact that the telephone companies close deals with social networks and their apps is a logical step, remember that at the beginning of the year it was Pinterest who closed a deal with Telefnica to include Pinterest in the Android devices sold in the company. Considering that both Telefnica and Deutsche Telekom are two companies with a large list of clients and a large amount of market data (consumer preferences, etc.), it is probably a good move for social networks of this type to seek support from them. .