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Twitter announces the launch of its Alfa program for Android


On several occasions, we have echoed some technology companies in their intention to create tester communities for their beta applications, although in recent months we have also been seeing as part of those technology companies go one step further by allowing them to create tester communities for their alpha applications. After Snapchat and Facebook, it is now Twitter who opens the doors to users for their Alpha testing programs on Android through a new announcement in their Google group.

Unlike its Beta program on Android, where users are limited to report any bugs they encounter, users who join this program will also participate with the possible features that will be included in the final versions, so that They will be able to interact with experimental features, allowing them to report directly and collaborate with Twitter within a forum.

Keep in mind that the Alpha versions are even more unstable and with greater errors, so this program is focused more on enthusiastic Twitter users who want to collaborate and have a voice in the improvements of the official application. In this way, Twitter will have a legion of faithful testers with whom to test improvements in the application interface, especially, after the latest features implemented in the final version such as multimedia cards, the connection of conversations with a line blue, interaction buttons, etc.

So if you want to be part of this community, you can already request your inclusion in the online space opened for this purpose.