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Twitter announces special features for verified users


Users with verified Twitter accounts do not have any functionality different from the rest of the world, they only allow them to be distinguished so that everyone knows that they are the person they say they are, thus avoiding confusing a singer, an actor or any other public personality with some fake account or someone who wants to impersonate him.

This has been the case until now, until the day Twitter reports that users with verified accounts will have more differences.

Since these types of users usually have a large community of followers (we usually talk about famous people, known on and off the Internet), it is logical that they are used to managing huge conversations with their fans, and thinking about this situation, on Twitter they will give the possibility of filtering mentions within three groups:

All: To see all the tweets that mention your user with @ name.– Filtered: To see all mentions that are not considered as spam according to Twitter’s automatic algorithm– Verified: To see the mentions made by users with verified accounts

That means that having a verified account not only allows us to filter and consult conversations better, it also allows that when we speak with another verified account, it is more likely that our tweet will be read, since we will be within the select new Twitter filter.

Unfortunately, it is Twitter itself that decides whether or not an account is verified, there is no objective system to obtain the blue symbol.