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Twitter Alerts now available in more countries

twitter alerts

A few hours ago, Twitter released a statement announcing that they have expanded the alert service (Twitter Alerts) to include countries and organizations around the world, with the intention of making the service more accessible and functional.

The service now has the participation of different organizations from the United States, Japan, Korea, Ukraine, Ireland and Brazil, which can be consulted in thiscomplete listIt is only necessary to access the organization’s profile and register in the marquee that will appear at the bottom directly in the Twitter application for mobile phones (Android or iOS).

Twitter Alerts in Brazil

Twitter Alerts was created last September (inspired by Japan’s Lifeline project) with the intention that certain organizations could send notifications directly to the mobile phones of their users with relevant information about natural disasters or emergencies that they consider convenient, this because during certain Events Twitter has proven to be a useful and quick tool to keep the population informed.

It is worth taking a look at the list, even if your country is not on it the information from some services, such as the global organization of the may be useful.

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