javascript contador Skip to content eliminates the possibility of uploading files to continue maintaining the service


Everything indicates that is not going through its best moments. As we mentioned on multiple occasions, is a service in the form of a social network that allows users to share and listen to music with their friends via streaming, songs that can be voted on, so that users can gain relevance as DJs. For this, has a series of characteristics, one of them being the possibility of uploading the musical themes, which will be precisely eliminated from its service to reduce operating costs.

To put ourselves in a situation, we have to know that the service is financed mainly through advertising, and that over time it has been introducing a series of improvements, although these improvements have not been accompanied by the improvements in income that it needs to continue. maintaining the service. Nor does it have the popularity it had at the beginning. That is why they have decided to eliminate the increases in musical themes, to reduce costs, both at the level of royalties, as well as rates as well as accommodation. According to The Verge, co-founder Billy Chasen indicates that this step will save about $ 20,000.

Even so, those users who use the SoundCloud platform will not have so many problems, since they will be able to continue uploading their themes in this service, which is still supported, and they will only have to import it from

In this way, we see how is having problems reaching more users and expanding internationally, making this decision to continue maintaining the service, thus eliminating some economic burdens. Recall that today, the service is still restricted to users in the United States.