javascript contador Saltar al contenido closes its doors to focus on live concerts


We recently told you about Turntable Live as a turntable project that allows bands to show their work live, allowing thousands of fans to interact with them in real time, as if it were a traditional concert.

They comment on their blog that this idea has been very successful, at the last concert they brought together more than 20,000 people to see the Knife Party, and there are hundreds of artists and bands that seem interested in trying what will surely be a new trend in the coming years. years.

It has been so successful that they have decided that it is much more pleasant and lucrative than the model, where users could create their audio lists and share them on the platform. Licenses in the world of music are very expensive, and they close their doors because they have not gotten a stable model to be able to carry out their work making money from it.

This is reported on the company’s blog, where they reassure users that they can export their data to Spotify from and where they encourage us to watch this video so that we understand better how Turntablet Live works, the live concert hall in which they are going to focus so much now: