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Turn your Raspberry Pi into a Plex media center with Rasplex

Turn your Raspberry Pi into a Plex media center with Rasplex

Turn your Raspberry Pi into a Plex media center with Rasplex

Enjoy the movies and series on your server Plex on the Raspberry Pi with Rasplex.

Today it is tremendously easy to ride a multimedia center In which to play all kinds of content instantly and with great quality.Obviously services like Netflix or HBO make things easier for us, but when it comes to enjoying your own content, Plex is a tremendously powerful option.

We have already talked about Plex and the great couple it makes with a Chromecast, but another very good onealternative to set up a Plex client On the TV in the living room, for example, is to use a Raspberry Pi and adapted software such as Rasplex.

Play Plex movies and series on Raspberry Pi


A million uses for a Raspberry Pi, there should be such a book (if it doesn’t already exist). These little plates are great for projects like this: creating a Plex-based multimedia centerTo facilitate this task there is Rasplex.

Rasplex is literally a Plex client for Raspberry PiIt actually started out as a port of the Plex Home Theater, but has continued its own development and is now based on FreeELEC. What does it mean to be a customer? Well, the content that we will play on the Raspberry Pi is not in its memory, but will be streamed from the Plex server, which can be your computer (wherever you have movies and series on the hard drive).

How to install Rasplex: Plex on Raspberry Pi

To run Rasplex on the Raspberry Pi you first need to have Plex Media Server on your computer, of course. You can download it for free from the official Plex website and add all your video, photo or music libraries there.

Done that, the next step is to install Rasplex. From its website you can download (also free) the rasplex installer for Windows, Mac and Linux. With it you can install Rasplex on the SD memory card that will then have to be inserted in the Raspberry Pi.

To get a good fluid experience it is best to use a Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 and, of course, you are going to need a few more accessories, such as an HDMI cable, a memory card, a cute case, etc. Here we review all TOP accessories for Raspberry Pi.