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Turn any Android mobile into a complete computer with this new system

Turn any Android mobile into a complete computer with this new system

Turn any Android mobile into a complete computer with this new system

With the new Jide, we have another attempt to turn the smartphone into a computer; The difference is that this time, the idea could come true.

Remix OS is one of the most revolutionary Android-based systems of recent years; Born out of a Pekn startup, Jide Technologies, it is the desktop version of Android that fans have been waiting for.

Remix OS, the distro to use an Android desktop

Using Android on the desktop doesn’t sound very good, but it makes more sense than you might think; Chrome OS has shown us with Chromebooks that many people are clear that they do not need 80% of the functionality of today’s computers.

With Remix OS, it is possible use a simple and light desktop, with access to millions of Android apps; Although due to its unofficial version status, it does not include the default Google Apps. Between that and other shortcomings, it is not yet possible to fully recommend Remix OS.

Remix OS on Mobile (ROM) can change that; as its name suggests, it is a version of Remix OS designed for smartphones. Yes, it is somewhat ironic that the circle closes, but it must be borne in mind that this is not a direct competitor to Android.

The Android capable of turning the smartphone into a computer

Instead, ROM turns into a concept that had been floating in the air for a while: convergence, turn the smartphone into a computer. In his case it’s called Remix Singularity.

When running on a smartphone, Remix OS on Mobile behaves like a normal Android version; It has no special customization layers, and its own apps. It is as stock as possible without being an official version of Google.

Magic comes when we connect the smartphone to a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse; Then the Remix OS desktop interface appears on the monitor, and behaves like a common computer.

We have the elements that are already familiar to anyone; a start menu, a taskbar with icons, windows that we can move around the desktop AND everything is controlled with the keyboard and the mouse, no touch interfaces. Unless we connect the mobile to a television, in which case the interface will be more similar to an Android TV; a multimedia device for watching videos and listening to music.

The big difference, of course, is that we cannot run Windows programs; but if we search, we will probably find an alternative for Android. Or we can always use web applications.

Remix OS on Mobile is not the first project that tries something similar. Canonical fails miserably with Ubuntu Phone and Ubuntu for Android; despite the fact that convergence was one of its most publicized characteristics.

Microsoft has been talking about Continuum for years, a similar functionality; but with Windows Phone in a coma it is unlikely to be a factor now.

That being the case, Remix OS on Mobile may be the best opportunity to turn your smartphone into a computer. For now, we will have to wait for its launch in the second half of 2017.