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Tune up your computer with this optimizer for Windows

Tune up your computer with this optimizer for Windows

Tune up your computer with this optimizer for Windows

This program acts as an optimizer and allows us to make our PC work faster.

Black Bird Cleaner allows us optimize and clean our computer. That is, it eliminates unnecessary temporary files (something that, on the other hand, Windows itself already does automatically if we have the Windows 10 Creators Update), cleans the memory dumps (memory dump in English) and many other things that allow our computer to be much faster.

Perhaps one of the most important things about this optimizer, as detailed in Genbeta, is that it occupies barely a megabyte, notably much less than any other application of this type.

Black BirdCleaner Features

Black Bird Cleaner It is a clear substitute for CCleaner. It is not only lighter (it weighs almost 20 times less, literally), but it is also much easier to use. CCleaner, like any other high-level program, has become distorted over the years, causing it to end up including more functions (thus increasing the weight of the program and decreasing usability).

  • Cleaning:from this section we can delete all those temporary files (both from the browser and the operating system).
  • PC Optimization:In this tab we have some options such as freeing up RAM space or speeding up the computer on and off.
  • Disk Analyzer.
  • Service Manager:doubles as a task management console (although not as powerful).
  • System Information:displays technical information from our computer.

The downside of this optimizer for Windows is that it is in English, as well as that its use is not very friendly.

In Windows 10 these types of programs are not recommended (This was stated by the Micrososft engineers in charge of Windows). Even we have CCleaner included in the list of applications that we should uninstall from our computer.