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Tumblr Launches Featured Featured Blogs On Its Mobile Apps


The rise of mobile devices, and therefore, the increase in mobile applications that make it possible to extract more profits from them, does not go unnoticed by those who can see new business opportunities here. Among them is the Tumblr tumblelog platform, which has just launched in beta today the featured sponsored blogs within its mobile applications, both for Android and iOS.

This new block is available within the exploration tab in these applications, so that users who go to said tab will see in the list of contents that they can follow the sponsored sponsored blogs, which they will be able to recognize using the dollar symbol that will be available together with the tracking button. It is a new way of monetization that includes Tumblr in its mobile applications, and that also allows brands to reach more users to whom they offer their content. Brands participating in the beta phase include Twentieth Century Fox, Delta, Calvin Klein, Turner Broadcasting and Sony Pictures Entertainment.

The definitive launch of this feature is expected in January, as a company spokesperson told TNW.

According to Tumblr:

Sponsored Featured Blogs are an opportunity to bring advertiser blogs to the forefront of what’s hot on Tumblr within a feed of the most popular blogs of the day.


It is clear that Tumblr in the hands of Yahoo, within the stage of Marissa Mayer at the helm of said company, is receiving the necessary boost to receive all the improvements it needs, along with the need to make the popular service of tumblelogs viable.