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Tululoo, to develop HTML5 games


We discovered via Seetio a Tululoo Game Maker, a tool designed for creating browser-based HTML5 video games playable from mobile devices, taking into account that the latest smartphones support the latest HTML5 standards.

Tululoo offers us various tools for this, such as a resource manager and a script editor with which to import images, backgrounds, animated sprites and sounds, as well as the possibility of creating different objects (collectibles, characters, enemies, etc.) and functions. .

Obviously, the tool is born oriented for those who have basic or advanced programming notions, but in this case the creation of code will not be complex since Tululoo has features such as completing the code automatically or highlighting certain parts of the syntax, so that Within the complex the process is made as easy as possible. Other things that we can see in Tululoo will be details such as support for WAV, MP3 and OGG audio files, support for playing with keyboard, mouse and touchpad, creation of objects in real time, etc.

If you want to see some examples of what can be developed with Tululoo, you can access various games developed with the tool in the section Games. Best of all, aside from how useful it can be for independent video game developers, is that the tool is free (if we love it and want to collaborate in its maintenance and development, we can make donations from the same website).