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Tuenti for Android: now with Moments in real time, voice messages and sound effects

tuenti para android

From Tuenti they tell us about the new version of their Android application, 3.8, capable of displaying moments with more activity in real time, which allows us to know who is at the same moment as we are at a given moment. The goal is to avoid having to return to the side menu to see the notifications of our contacts, making communication more fluid.

They also include, as other messaging services have done in the past, the possibility of sending audio messages in chats, both in individual and group chats. It is also possible to apply sound effects created exclusively by the Tuenti team, thus helping to stand out with originality.

Voice messages can be recorded when we are not connected to the Internet, since they will be sent automatically when coverage is detected.

And finally, they allow the same photo to appear on Google when we make the identification using this system, to maintain the visual identity that our contacts are used to.

We hear a lot about Line, WhatsApp, spotbros, BBM … Tuenti continues on his way to remind the world that they continue to wage war.