javascript contador Saltar al contenido allows us to verify our new contacts through facial recognition

There are cases in which when communicating with other users for the first time through the Internet, these are not really who we see through their photographs. So, at least for the most important conversations, we have a new tool that verifies for us the true identity of the same, so that it indicates to us that those who are in the photographs are really them.

The tool is called, completely free to use and without registration, created by Agustn Haller and Dayana Jabif, from Uruguay, and which was presented today at the TechCrunch Europe hackathon, as reported by TechCrunch.

Its operation is as follows, someone not known sends an image to the user with whom they will establish contact, who then sends the image to the service, either by dragging the image itself or indicating the URL where the image is hosted on the Internet. , also providing the email address of that person. Then that person will receive an email message that will urge them to verify their profile based on a series of photographs to be taken through their webcam. Once the service already has the images made, its algorithm will carry out the corresponding verifications by comparing it with the original image. After that, will indicate to the user if the image corresponds to the person himself, also providing the results. uses interesting HTML5 tools like the WebRTC protocol, which we’ve talked about many times here, as well as SkyBiometry’s facial recognition API. Due to the importance of finding out who is behind each profile, its developers have plans to take it to professional services such as LinkedIn, Xing, or other services.

Where we can have more problems with the identity of new users can be on Facebook or other popular social platforms, so we can already give you an opportunity to prove that who we are contacting is really who they say they are, although it may cause them some discomfort.