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Tripadvisor integrates with Bing and launches application for Windows 8.1


It seems that Tripadvisor and Microsoft They have had a busy night. We woke up today with the integration of Bing (Microsoft search engine) and Tripadvisor (leader in recommendations for travelers), as well as with a new application for Windows 8.1 that allows you to easily compare hotel prices (its Metasearch).

The integration of Bing allows, in addition to consulting a map with the location of any hotel in Tripadvisor (there are 3.1 million places with 125 million opinions), as well as the address and contact details, see a section for reservations and comments powered by TripAdvisor, directly from the search engine, something that is not usually very frequent in the Microsoft engine.

The Windows 8.1 application joins the existing versions of iOS and Android, which have more than 69 million downloads. If we have the application installed, clicking on the Bing results will automatically open the program with the details of the results, expanding the information displayed from the search engine.

They comment in TC that they are betting on mobile content, allowing to further customize the results based on the location of the user. The geographic location information of the application for Windows 8.1 will also allow this option, making it clear that it is an important pillar within the new Tripadvisor, which wants to continue offering its system data to more partners who help continue to maintain it. in first position within its category.