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Tricks to use Instagram like a pro

Tricks to use Instagram like a pro

Tricks to use Instagram like a pro

Instagram has become the preferred social network for those who want to share photos, and we want help you dominate this social network as the best.

We can already share our photos on social networks like Twitter or Facebook, but social networks like Instagram, where the protagonists are the images, have managed to have a great pull between young and not so young. In these cases the practice makes perfect, but at Omicrono we want to lend you a hand and help you master Instagram like the pros.

Are you looking for new people? Click on the magnifying glass


You will already be more than used to using the magnifying glass to search for users or topics, but if you look, before clicking on the search box, they will appear photographs that you may like according to Instagram algorithms. According to the photos you liked, according to the people you already follow or interact with; are several of the criteria that the social network uses to predict content that you may like.

See what your contacts like in Activity

The little heart usually shows us the activity we receive from the rest of Instagram, but right next to it there is a tab called Followed that shows us the likes and other interaction of the people you follow. That way you can keep up to date with what your friends and acquaintances are doing on the social network, and it also serves to explore beyond our circle of followers.

Take advantage of the comments to put tags and mentions


You may already be used to putting the tags in the photo description, just before publishing it, but the tags and mentions written in a post comment work the same that if you put them in the description. That way you can make the description field cleaner for the text you want to put, and use a comment immediately below with the tags and mentions you consider.

Post the good photos of your stories


You have taken a photo for your Instagram Story and it was so good that you wantis to upload it to your usual profile, where it will not be erased one day later. To do it you just have to open your Story, click on the three points in the lower right corner, and select Share as post. You can also save it forever on your phone or delete it if you don’t like it.

and save the originals from the Instagram camera


And you can also be addicted to using the Instagram camera, but want to save the original photos you take. To do this, go to your profile, click on the gear in the upper right corner and Search for Save original photos among the Settings.

Find ALL the photos you liked

Take advantage of the fact that you are there and go up a little until you find the section that announces Publications that you liked, just above the switch that makes your private account: that’s where you can see each and every one of the photographs and videos where your likes lie. You can even put it in list format!

Use the notifications toggle feature well


When you click on the three points that have the publications in the upper right corner, you will see that there is an option called Activate publication notifications. This serves to receive a notification every time that person posts something, but I go out carefully: Many started to get scared and asked their followers to activate this function so as not to miss their posts with the future Instagram system.

Fed up with a person’s likes? Lock it


If someone you don’t like has started invading your notifications with likes, or you just want to make someone disappear from your profile, block that profile: all their likes in your posts will disappear like Fernando Alonso’s McLaren on a straight. Well, maybe faster.

Use IF to post your Instagram photos to other networks


Do you want your Instagram photos to reach other social networks, but you do not want to do it with your connections and would you prefer it to be done natively? IF, formerly known as IFTTT, has dozens of recipes that serve just that, so take a look.

Set your stories to not receive answers


Do not you want people to answer your stories, do you prefer that only the people you follow answer or do you want everyone to talk to you? Do not leave the settings that we have touched before and enter the History settings, just at the beginning of the Account section. There you have the three options: allow all responses, allow them to those you follow, or disable them. You can also make a specific profile unable to see your stories.

Have fun taking nice photos and experimenting

Finally, leave the house and take all the photos you want, fill your cell phone with beautiful photos of what surrounds you: Instagram is precisely for that, to experience.